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Gung-Taai may chinese food

Néih Hóu! Hello! 

Gung-Taai translated is Great Grandfather.  Mr Henry ‘A-Chun-Fah’ May, a father, grandfather, great grandfather and father-in-law was a renowned Chinese chef in his days.

His happy place was in the kitchen cooking for his family of four daughters, eight granddaughters, a great granddaughter and his four son-in-laws. Yes! That’s right – a clan of 13 girls whom he doted with Love and delicious foods and he was adored by all for his humor and mouth-watering dishes.

He enjoyed sharing his cooking methods and recipes whilst preparing and cooking and it meant a lot to him that we carry on his legacy.

‘Yu-Lan’, his 3rd daughter, will be cooking all his specialty dishes for you, with Love and pride in the Gung-Taai May Chinese Food kitchen in Malmesbury.

Gung-Taai May Chinese Food Take-Aways is family run business and hopes to keep the legacy alive for generations to come.

The menu offers authentic Cantonese Cuisine, Gung-Taai May’s secret Canton recipes hailed from the Moiyen Province in China with mouth-watering specialties and a variety of Asian inspired dishes and desserts.

We serve only Jasmine rice and the portions are generous medium and large size and offers genuine value for your money.

In honor and in loving memory of our a-May-zing father, we are sharing his legacy and delectable cuisine with you with Love and double happiness.

Gung-Taai May Chinese Food Café and Take-Aways invites you to experience the most delightful and tantalizing Chinese Food in the West.

Sihk Faahn! Bon Appetit!

It is an honor to serve you.

Dòjeh! Thank you!